Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Dear Richard Erickson

Dear Richard Erickson, We have been best friends since the very beginning of our acting days. We had a love, a "BROMANCE" some would say. Two Gents of Verona was the beginning of our journey & That lovely white powder. AHhhhh , the good ol' days. In all the years that we have journeyed , you watched me rise , seen me fall & rise again. I always thought, I wanted what you had ( crazy MONEY) and You wanted what I had ( RICH soil/ SOUL). I just never, in a million years, thought you & her would go to these lengths to take me away. I wonder what Julie thinks of all of this now? Ahhh..... what's unusual about any of it right? ! I mean, truly it is common these days, best friends coming to the emotional rescue of the widow wife. It's been "accepted" for centuries , no one would truly look into that. With my first stroke, I barely made it thru my daughter's wedding, funny how ~ One foot in the grave - plans for a divorce with your wife were put in motion. Perhaps My demise was also something put into a potion. No autopsy to prove any of it. I wonder if MY kids would buy into your dirty jets and your music clubs if they knew WHAT I KNOW. Maybe the Richie Rich has sent their eyes amiss.


Bottoms line, dearest Dickie; I wanted to thank you for hitting up on my family. Moving in on them before my body was even cold. Hope you're happy with the way you've gained your riches. We all know your earning power! It is a family deposit in the bank. But of course , it takes a trust fund baby to know one. I know you guys have been hitting it for years. Horse back riding and camping, COME ON! Welcome to your new wife. Have fun with that. Yours truly, Jimmy Dick

Thursday, June 13, 2019

The latest Chanel in which the aquifer 
the portal
becomes plasma
and the hand passes  thru
forth in my mind
my heart
my scissors
the placement

the next
tiny little morsel

it feels good to haVE been chosen
amongst many
and still I feel
like it is not mine

I would prefer to stay home
I look forward to seeing other works
other passages that commit to page