Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Taking care of MOM

WOuldn't you know I got parking right in front of my brothers childhood best friend Kep.R. Good thru thursday- just the amount of time I need- Mom gets her cataracts removed tmw- I think she's nervous- I would be too- I thank the guardians in advance for making things like this flow smooth- pray for smooth transitions! I also thank the guardians from saving me from a flipping heart attack/ high blood pressure or some shit ~ To think I was visiting the endo this time last week- greatful that stupid RYZE mushroom coffee didn't kill me- but the compounded issue that my husband handed me a mucinex with D - thinking it was like zinc- something natural- had no clue- and throw that in with the RYZE & thus compounded yet again with an antibiotic on top of all of that- I was practically having a heart attack- Five days straight of high blood pressure- insane asylum type of panic- that nothing but visceral crying could only level me into a sort of exhausted slumber- when I could eat I felt like a lost person wondering thru the desert whom hadn't eaten for an eternity- starving - emaciated ` no way to bring my heart beat around to any kind of normal.... I was beginning to think I was never going to feel real life ever again- I am so careless to not understand what I am putting into my body. WOW- read the labels is all I am saying. I will never make this mistake again- I am going on day 4 back to back no episodes. So excited. Thank YOu angels for looking out for ME & My Mom.

Sunday, April 28, 2024