Monday, May 3, 2021

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

moto lust or moto love

When one creates a piece , and parts of it come from someone or somewhere else.,.such as a collage artist does- there is a certain line one crosses by taking something that was made by another. I guess it is ballsy to just take it & build it into your design- your creation. There are many levels of justification. How much of it is from another, which part of it is yours. What if the idea and the creation are yours.. but the images used are not? This sort of Robin Hood..taking and then giving something back... Is that the return on the take? Suppose I asked permission for the photographs but couldn't get it.... what then? A sort of Romeo & Juliet- A marriage of images- but holy forbidden. The viewer would decide, I suppose. The law would slap down a fine, but the piece would stand as is because it was born- even if it was an illegitimate child- it stands.
The lady layer , printed to reflective vinyl- rests on top of herself, she is also printed in the background photo; and laid directly on top as to permeate her halo. I wanted to just do one entire reflective print but all good things in all good time. The fingers of the background lady marked the black vinyl for the words Moto Lust. I cut and laid , with personal precision- her fingers ever so slightly molesting the word Moto..... the reflective vinyl is somewhat of a hidden nuance, as one will see as one spends time with it , how the days shadows dictate the character of the piece, depending where it hangs in the house - as the light and shadows of the daylight will illuminate and follow you. Ever so endearing a character to the very piece itself. Back to the question of ownership, Did Warhol ask Campbell's Soup or Brillo before or after he created his silk screen prints? The concept that : "Good artists copy, great artists steal." Picasso has me scratching my head. What did Pablo Picasso experience to have said that. I look at images, they stir something inside of me- all sorts of images. When a couple of images seem to belong together is it not the responsibility of the chosen to make it happen? Thus in the follow thru the art is born and the rest is history. Is it easier to ask permission or forgiveness? Is justification my denile in action? I think not, but what is art? Ad art, painting art, collage art, installation as art.... when I etch my doodles in the sand and the ocean sweeps in to magically erase them, or to slowly undo my sand castle...etchaskecth.... is this not what time does to the artist- as the art stands still, in time, on the wall, - the spirit of them spins forth in all composition and inspiration? If there is an element in something you look at that stirs you.... then there is purpose- even if it disgusts one? Good, bad or mediocre-- sometimes I see things and I say, "Oh I could do that!",,, and then I try and Yeh , not so easy after all. But the key is I tried- or rather I did it. Not once or twice - I did it four times before I got it right. I can stand back and think Oh I love it- or I hate it- That is really all that matters. BUT I followed through. This one I like , and frankly 80 x 60 - it is the largest thing I have ever created to date.Perhaps that's why it took a couple tries. I want to give up all the time. It really does help when people believe in you, but mostly I am learning that I must believe in myself.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

The secret of genius is to preserve the spirit of the child until old age, which means never lose enthusiasm " - Aldous Huxley -

Monday, March 15, 2021

Me, thY spirit, & eYe

it is not showing off it is listening a loan from god while visiting for a short while on location within me
a clean tapping from the aquifer of faith as it spews forth like old faithful timed just so from the inner sanctum of the universe thank you I so generiously say the giving is the receiving a perfect cycle

Monday, February 22, 2021


SO I have always made collages, and have found that I am branching out towards these digital collages. In nature a tree can not control where the branch pushes forth a new direction, if it will grow strong and create an arm or a mere twig- anyway- this style is something that is coming thru me- i adore them- i acknowledge that the images do not belong to me, however I use the things that spark something within me- I identify with the Little Prince, where I am beyond any sort of borders... feeding my rose , exploring my little planet - adourning my work with others talents that speak to me. Simple an sweet,,, mine but not mine at all. Ask yourself - what is yours truly., No one owns anything but for a very short time on this physical plane. I claim nothing- I own nothing, My soul resides inside this physical body for as long as I am slotted here.... therefore, I choose to fly with these creations, love them or leave them. I am ok with that.